About Enjoy! Cherokee

About Enjoy Cherokee Magazine

Enjoy Cherokee Magazine is the premiere lifestyle publication for Cherokee County Georgia. Each bi-monthly edition contains captivating in-depth articles about the faces, ideas, tastes, arts, and hearts that make Cherokee County extraordinary.

 As you read Enjoy Cherokee Magazine, you will become captivated by articles that spotlight interesting neighbors and enthusiastic entrepreneurs that define our community. These are the people with whom we share common space, pass on the street, exchange greetings with at the post office, sit near in church, and chat with while in line at the grocery store.

On the glossy pages of Enjoy Cherokee Magazine you will find special events, local dining options, recipes, reviews of local authors, interesting community history, and even travel opportunities. You’ll be enticed to visit Lake Allatoona, ride on our nationally renowned mountain bike trails, shop local boutiques, and discover the wonderful place you have chosen to call home — the beautiful and dynamic Cherokee County.