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Joint Replacement: Hips, Knees, and Answers

Needing a joint replacement can be an intimidating prospect. But the technique and technology for joint replacement has advanced substantially over the years. Now, many patients are able to get up right after surgery. Whether it’s a hip or knee replacement, the goal is always to provide a lasting solution for better mobility and less pain. Orthopedic experts like the team at Northside are there to guide you through surgery to a healthier future.

In this edition of Ask the Doctor, Dr. Anuj Gupta of Total Joint Specialists answers common questions regarding joint replacement:

What is the difference between anterior and posterior hip replacement?

How can the pain of a knee replacement be managed?

How long do joint replacements last?

What are the risks with joint replacement?

What will I be able to do after joint replacement?

Dr. Anuj Gupta

Total Joint Specialists

Dr. Gupta is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Total Joint Specialists. He practices out of Canton and Woodstock to provide exceptional care for patients across North Georgia. Dr. Gupta graduated from Dartmouth College and earned his M.D. from Yale University School of Medicine. During his residency at Tufts University – New England Medical Center, he was named the Surgical Intern of the Year.

Now, after over twenty years of practice, Dr. Gupta is a widely-acclaimed leader in joint replacement. He specializes in total knee and hip replacement, revision total hip and knee replacement, and outpatient joint replacement surgeries. His greatest passion is taking care of his patients and improving their quality of life. Outside the operating room, Dr. Gupta provides his expertise on the Board of Directors for Curi.

Total Joint Specialists

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