WOODSTOCK, GA (April 5, 2024) – On April 6th, a transformative retreat, “Empower Your Journey: Connect, Reflect, Release” is set to take place at a private location in Downtown Woodstock, GA., is designed to help young professional women set goals for their future and empower them to take actionable steps towards achieving their dreams. The retreat will feature a lineup of inspiring speakers and engaging sessions focused on personal and professional development. From mid-moment journaling to choosing a career path aligned with passion, the event promises to provide valuable insights and practical strategies for attendees to implement in their lives.

Key sessions include “Mid-Moment Journaling” led by Tia Greene-Granger, “Choosing a Career Path That Aligns With Your Passion” by Shelby Kraeger, “Personal Branding and Workplace Boundaries” by MeShae Prophet, “Build Your Confident Style” by Robyn Hollner, and “Release Passion and Purpose With Your Next Step – Finding Your Voice” by Tia Greene-Granger. The retreat will also offer attendees the opportunity to enjoy a networking lunch and engage in one-on-one sessions with the speakers, providing a personalized and enriching experience.

Reflecting on the event, Tia Greene-Granger shared, “When empowered women come together to share their expertise, it creates a beautiful and inspiring moment. I am deeply honored to be part of this movement that empowers the next generation in our industry, especially women, and I believe our unity will pave the way for a brighter future.” Shelby Kraeger expressed her excitement, stating, “I am thrilled to delve into a discussion with students who are on the brink of entering the workplace and starting to craft their career paths because it’s not just about finding a job; it’s about creating a fulfilling journey that reflects one’s own values, passions, and aspirations.”

MeShae Prophet emphasized the importance of support, saying, “I love when powerful women get together, and I’m so honored to be part of this experience. Young women need to know they are not alone in the journey. There are women who’ve gone before them who are willing and able to support and give them a hand up.”

Robyn Hollner highlighted the collaborative spirit of the retreat, stating, “It lifts my heart to collaborate with like-minded women. The opportunity to build a supportive community for other women has always been my priority.”

“Empower Your Journey: Connect, Reflect, Release” promises to be an empowering and enriching experience for all young professional women attendees, providing them the tools and inspiration to take the next steps in their personal and professional journeys. This is a ticketed experience, For media inquiries, please contact Tia Greene-Granger at

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