CANTON, GA (April 12, 2024) – The Cherokee County 911 Foundation officially announces its formation with a resolute mission to support, advocate, and advance Cherokee County E 9-1-1. As the voice of 9-1-1, this non-profit organization is dedicated to making a lasting impact through initiatives including a dispatcher emergency support fund, public awareness campaigns, continuing education focusing on certifications and employee training, along with support for the mental and physical wellbeing of Cherokee County’s E-9-1-1 employees. The successful Community Outreach Unit’s already successful E 9-1-1 efforts will be expanded through the foundation’s efforts. Cherokee County E 9-1-1 Deputy Director Alice Fennell shared, “We are so excited for the formation of the Cherokee County 911 Foundation. The goal is always to leave something better than you found it and the Foundation and its mission ensure that we do just that for both current and future Communications Officers in Cherokee County.”

Cherokee County E 9-1-1 is the heartbeat of public safety in our community, answering all calls for the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services, law enforcement for our municipalities – Ball Ground, Canton, Holly Springs, Waleska and Woodstock – as well as City of Woodstock Fire Department, the Cherokee County School District Police and Reinhardt University Public Safety.  When you dial 911 in Cherokee County, the Communication Officer on the other end of the line becomes your calm voice of reason.  They are the initial First Responder who is trained to guide you through emergencies, ensuring the right type of help arrives swiftly.  Their investment in your safety begins the moment you hear, “Cherokee County 911, what is the location of your emergency?”

Cherokee County E 9-1-1 Director Shane Bonebrake stated, “Every time our team answers the phone, they make a difference in someone’s life.  My team is the voice on the other end of the line, the unseen hero giving you lifesaving instructions, controlling the chaos, and giving you their heart no matter what the situation is.”

The Cherokee County 911 Foundation’s Founding Board of Directors is comprised of passionate community servant leaders who champion public safety.  Their unwavering dedication will ensure that the organization operates with transparency, integrity, and purpose. Their immense pride in their community is a direct correlation to their support of Cherokee County E 9-1-1, which was recently named Georgia’s 2024 911 Center of the Year. “The Foundation Board is excited to publicly announce the organization’s formation today, the Friday before National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, which is designed to celebrate these amazing public safety communication officers. They exemplify excellence in making sure all 911 calls are answered. The Foundation is extremely honored to support this exceptional team,” said Foundation President, Lori Flink, President of Allegro Business Products.

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We invite you to learn more and support YOUR #1 in the State E 9-1-1 Center and the amazing work of these Public Safety Communication Officers who are taking your calls right here in Cherokee County. Visit us online at, follow us on social media, and support our efforts by becoming a Heartbeat Partner by donating $9.11, which allows our Heart to Beat on your behalf!

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