CHEROKEE COUNTY, GA (November 1, 2023) – Throughout the year Cherokee County Educational Foundation (CCEF) receives many applications for Rapid Grants, and one of the best parts about approving and providing these funds to the great CCSD faculty members is recognizing the spectacular things they are doing in their classrooms with the help of our community!

Check out the latest round of Rapid Grant recipient spotlights below and visit the CCEF website to learn more about applying for Rapid Grants. Remember, they are open for application through limited amounts of time during the school year – don’t wait!

Cody Thomas – Macedonia Elementary School

Cody Thomas, Special Education teacher at Macedonia Elementary, will be using his Rapid Grant to acquire new headphones and microphones for Individualized Education Program students to better interact with dictation accessibility features when doing writing assignments. This will allow students with communication, language, fine motor, and processing struggles to accomplish writing tasks with the help of technology. Cody’s goal is for struggling learners in third, fourth, and fifth grades to find success in writing assignments by speaking directly to their documents.

Jo Ellen Hancock – Parent Mentor Facilitator

Jo Ellen Hancock, CCSD Parent Mentor Facilitator, is going to use her Rapid Grant funds to put together various materials to help families in G.I.F.T. parent training. Her funds will go towards three-ring binders, pencil pouches, highlighters, pen, and post-it notes to aid in family documentation.

Joseph Snell – Free Home Elementary School

Joseph Snell, Music Teacher at Free Home Elementary School, is looking to serve 600 students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. His Rapid Grant will be used to acquire percussion instruments for all students. These instruments will allow students to express themselves using rhythms and melodies using pitched and unpitched instruments!

Jessica Nohner – Ball Ground Elementary School

Jessica Nohner, Music Specialist at Ball Ground Elementary, is looking to provide her students with greater accessibility and flexibility for music creation through the use of STEM learning in collaborative and creative projects. Her goal with her Rapid Grant is to acquire three instrument tables that will increase student collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. They are also height-adjustable, making them perfect for use in all grade levels!

Katie Houston – Macedonia Elementary School

Katie Houston, a second grade teacher at Macedonia Elementary School, is preparing to purchase ELA games to help support over 100 second graders in their phonics skills! These hands-on activities help students build upon the skills that they learn during instruction and in small groups. These games will also be shared across the entire grade level, making them easy to implement for other teachers at Macedonia.

Katie Murphy – Little River Elementary School

Katie Murphy, Special Education Facilitator at Little River Elementary, will be utilizing her Rapid Grant to build a sensory room at her school. Her grant funds will serve thirty-five students, from kindergarteners to fifth graders. This new sensory room will provide an enjoyable, calming multisensory experience for students to practice gross motor skills and build confidence. Her grant also aims to provide calming strategies for students to improve their emotional regulation skills.

About Rapid Grants

The Cherokee County Educational Foundation is dedicated to supporting the students and staff of the Cherokee County School District. Its goal is to provide opportunities for growth and innovation, while giving teachers and students the tools they need to make learning exciting. Rapid grants are offered for use in instructional support throughout CCSD.

Eligible Applicants

All Cherokee County School District faculty are eligible to submit their request for a rapid grant for up to $500.

Submission and Approval Dates

While Rapid Grants are open for submissions throughout most of the school year, they will not always be available. CCEF will open up submissions for Impact Grants during the year. Follow CCEF on social media to get the latest on grant updates.

Upon submission of your application, the grant will be considered by the CCEF board after it’s been approved by the CCSD Curriculum & Instruction Department, Technology Department, and the Chief Financial Officer of the Cherokee County School District.


Cherokee County Educational Foundation Mission

The Cherokee County Educational Foundation (CCEF) is dedicated to supporting the students and staff of the Cherokee County School District (CCSD) by promoting teaching, learning, and celebrating achievements. This organization was founded by a group of key business and civic leaders in the CCSD to ensure funds are made available for excellence and innovation in classrooms across the entire school district.



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