CHEROKEE COUNTY, GA (Jan. 4, 2024) – The Children’s Entrepreneur Market, a trailblazing nonprofit initiative committed to empowering children through entrepreneurial experiences, was launched in 2017 in Utah. After successfully operating for 6 years, the market is positioned to be in 25 states, including Georgia, in 2024, giving more than 25,000 children an opportunity to try their hand at business.

The market staff specializes in identifying and securing venues that bring large numbers of a diverse community together where hundreds of authentic interactions are possible. Children develop valuable life skills in this family centered project as they practice the fundamentals of running a small business, all while having fun!

“We believe the Children’s Entrepreneur Market can positively influence a lot of young lives,” said Lynée Fife, director of the program. “The principles of innovation, leadership, and hard work are lessons that will stay with them throughout their lives.”

Children are offered additional support including a video course on how to set-up their business, scholarships for growth and a blog series to share lessons and experiences from kids, for kids.

The program aims to operate in every state by 2026, with a goal of being in more than 200 metro areas serving half a million children each year. Learn more at

Our Spring Markets launch on February 1st at 8 am, and Cherokee County residents can expect to find some in a city near them!



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