CityTins: Cherokee County

CityTins is an extra nifty, ultra thrifty tin chock full of coaster gift cards worth $10 each off your tab of $30 or more: a $200 value in every clever little tin for just $30. Coasters valid through December 2024.

Live Local, Dine Local

There are at least 20 different venues in every clever little tin. Each tin contains the same 20 restaurants or hot spots selected for the year. Each restaurant is featured on its own coaster gift card, and is worth $10 off your tab of $30 or more (pre-tax and gratuity). This means you can order drinks or apps, entrees, desserts, or the entire menu. If the bill total is $30 before tax and gratuity are added, present your CityTins coaster to your server and $10 will be taken off your tab. It’s that simple. There’s no catch.

CityTins is value-priced at $30 per tin with a $200+ value. That means if you buy any one tin and use just three of the coaster gift cards (valued at $10 each), the product has paid for itself.

CityTins are a safe go-to gift appropriate for almost any occasion. Popular uses for CityTins include stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, wedding favors, teacher appreciation, realtor closing gifts, corporate gifting… you name it!

How It Works

Choose a Coaster

Inside each kitschy tin are coaster gift cards each worth your choice of $10 off your tab for dine-in or $5 off on takeout. To begin, pop open your tin and select a coaster featuring one of the iconic, locally-owned venues. Can’t decide where to go? Look no further than the Dinner Spinner inside each tin. Give it a spin and let the foodie fun begin!

Sip & Savor

Spend at least $30 at the featured venue. Enjoy anything on the menu from drinks to desserts. Submit the coaster gift card to your server when the check is presented and receive $10 off your tab (pre-tax/gratuity). No blackout dates, no nonsense. Some exclusions may apply, but nothing earth shattering. See coasters for details. To use coaster on takeout, call in your order of $30 or more. (If online ordering is available for use on CityTins it will say so at the top of the coaster with details.) Be sure to bring your coaster at time of pick up! You’ll need it to receive your discount and get the goods!

Rinse & Repeat

Repeat until you’ve painted the town red—or until you’re out of coaster gift cards! Coasters expire at the end of the calendar year, so use ’em or lose ’em!

We Love Local

We support independent restaurants. Space is limited. Restaurants wishing to participate may call 404-731-6397 or email CityTins will be available for purchase in Fall 2023.

Watch Now

Learn more about how CityTins works, then nominate your favorite locally owned eateries for inclusion. Nominations close on May 12, so nominate your faves today!


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