Irish pubs are known for their dive-bar environment, stout beers, and traditional bar food. Donovan’s Irish Cobbler in the heart of Towne Lake follows that tradition; however, the owners have gone many steps further and crafted a neighborhood pub with a delectable menu.

The family-friendly pub often cited as the local hangout for friends and families is rated five stars by newcomers and regular customers. Head Chef Ira Thompson uses signature Donovan’s recipes, fresh ingredients, and special techniques to create authentic Irish dishes. Early on, Chef Ira discovered a passion for cooking and creating. His passion matched perfectly with what restaurant owners Jim Donovan, Jacob Donovan, and Brandon Poteet had in mind, and they have all worked together since the business began twelve years ago.

Jim explains, “Our food is excellent and our staff is top notch, which is why our customers continue to come back.” With many of its dishes made from scratch, the pub created a more compact menu last year to focus on using only the highest quality recipes and the best and freshest ingredients.

The restaurant feels like a true Irish pub with its dark wood, dim lighting, and Jameson whiskey bottles on the bar. The intimate booths are perfect for a night out, while the bar seating welcomes all who want to enjoy drinks and appetizers. The Ales and Others drink menu offers a variety of staple cocktails, cordials, mules, bourbons, and whiskies to choose from. In addition the Irish Cobbler’s Beers of the World menu educates customers on the many beer styles. You simply must stop in and sip an Irish ale!

The covered outdoor patio buzzes on gamedays, weekends, and warm sunny days. Jim explains that the outdoor seating adds an atmosphere that makes Donovan’s a destination for families and friends to enjoy time together. An outdoor television means you don’t have to miss any of the game by sitting outside while enjoying a cold brew.

Donovan’s isn’t simply a late-night spot, though. It serves an elegant and tasteful brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday. Eggs benedict, walnut-encrusted French toast, and of course the traditional Irish breakfast are just a few of Donovan’s delectable brunch dishes.

Visiting Donovan’s Irish Cobbler feels like stepping into an elevated yet casual Irish bar. The friendly staff, superior food, and great environment have kept people coming back to Donovan’s for a dozen years. Celebrate Irish traditions with the staff on Saint Patrick’s Day and enjoy the authentic grub and exceptional atmosphere all year round.

MENU SAYS: Fish & Chips

Fish and chips is a tradition that deserves excellence—exactly what Donovan’s delivers.

HAYDEN SAYS: The beer-battered cod comes in with a crisp crunch and melts in your mouth with a buttery finish. A golden-brown exterior opens to a warm, flaky filet inside. The fries are battered in rice flour, giving them a crunch that doesn’t dissipate while you enjoy them. Tangy house-made tartar sauce complements each bite.


MENU SAYS: Mac & Cheese with Sweet & Spicy Chicken Tenders

HAYDEN SAYS: A classic combination is taken to new heights in this dish. The chicken tenders are covered in a sweet and spicy Thai sauce, creating beautiful blend of salty, sweet, and spice. The tenders sit atop a bed of penne pasta covered in Donovan’s own cheese sauce.


MENU SAYS: Guinness Bangers & Mash

HAYDEN SAYS: It wouldn’t be an Irish Pub without serving traditional, authentic Irish brats. The old-fashioned mashed potatoes with Guinness gravy features mushrooms and fried onions. The traditional Irish flavors of this dish round out the dining experience.


MENU SAYS: Sweet-Heat Bleu Cheese Chicken Nachos

HAYDEN SAYS: This appetizer is made with house potato crisps, bleu cheese crumbles, green onions, freshly diced tomatoes, jalapeños, and sweet-heat grilled chicken. The sweet-heat nachos are balanced well, and the salty crisps and the tangy bleu cheese tame the spice of the chicken.


MENU SAYS: Buffalo Chicken Dip

HAYDEN SAYS: A crowd favorite, the buffalo chicken dip is made of cheesy goodness that makes it impossible to turn down another bite. It comes out of the kitchen bubbling, and the buffalo spice entices you as soon as the plate is set down. The dish is made with Donovan’s signature sauce and cheese blend and served with traditional Irish chips and grilled flat bread.


MENU SAYS: Crispy Chicken Strips

HAYDEN SAYS: The golden-brown hand-breaded chicken strips are savory and perfectly juicy. Served with Donovan’s signature crispy fries, this staple entrée is far from ordinary. Spice it up a bit and ask for buffalo strips for only a small extra charge.


MENU SAYS: Ira’s Chicken Ciabatta

Chef Ira’s Chicken Ciabatta, paired with crispy fries, is a perfect lunch or dinner item. Light, fresh ingredients make this sandwich sing.

HAYDEN SAYS: The grilled chicken sandwich, a new menu item, is served on warm ciabatta bread with mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, arugula, and spinach. Chef Ira’s creation has taken a classic sandwich a notch above, with the inclusion of basil pesto aioli that adds a delightful aroma and taste.


MENU SAYS: Blueberry Cobbler

Save the best for last and dive into Donovan’s delicious blueberry cobbler.

HAYDEN SAYS: If there’s a menu item that is sure to cap off your dining experience, it’s Donovan’s blueberry cobbler. The mouthwatering recipe comes from the Donovan family and feels complete with its dusting of powdered sugar and delicate dollops of fresh whipped cream.




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