Bizarre Coffee, one of the community’s most beloved indie coffee shops, has expanded and created a new bustling hub for local coffee lovers in downtown Woodstock. From its massive Instagram following to its loyal crowd of regulars, Bizarre Coffee is the place to be.

“Bizarre has really grown into its own entity,” says founder Sabrina Kaylor. “Some of the most passionate people come in, and they stand for us so hard, it’s really cool to see. I’ve heard of people who have even driven an hour just to get a cup of Good Mood Juice.”

Photo Credit: Katie Johnson/KT Johnson Photography; Photo Courtesy of Bizarre Coffee

Sabrina Kaylor, owner (Photo Credit: KT Johnson Photography)

Much of Bizarre Coffee’s allure comes from its vibrant, funky theme. Sabrina is an artist and painted the murals in both the Canton and Woodstock locations. Bright swirls and curlicues fill the inside and outside of the Woodstock location, from the roastery to Sabrina’s office to the bathrooms.

Sabrina says the murals can require up to forty hours of labor. The hard work pays off, as they definitely influence the atmosphere of Bizarre.

“The best part about working at Bizarre is the fun, bright environment that inspires customers to love coffee,” remarks Reid Schmidt, a worker in the Canton shop. He recounts that workers are asked to greet each customer with a cheerful, “How can I make your day?”

New Ideas Brewing

Bizarre also goes above and beyond with its drink designs. For winter Bizarre is launching its Valentine’s Day menu: three new drinks, including some old favorites and one new special. Making a return will be its Black Forest cake drink topped with a red cherry and its raspberry cheesecake latte. These drinks wouldn’t be bizarre without a cute topper, though, like a heart straw or small heart wand. Sabrina guarantees unique trinkets to set apart the seasonal menu.

When planning new menus, Sabrina and one of her baristas gather all sorts of new flavors, syrups, and ideas to bring new and interesting drinks to the table. “For every menu drop we try to look back and say, ‘What would people be upset about if we took it away?’ And more importantly, ‘What can we replace with something better?’”

Good Mood Juice comes to Woodstock

Kevin McKinney, general manager of the new Woodstock location, says the new location offers the advantages of growth and opportunity for Bizarre, with the Woodstock location featuring more space than the shop in downtown Canton.

Customers can sit at the coffee bar, sit inside, or sit outside the shop. Additionally customers can order from a walk-up window, a new feature to accommodate downtown Woodstock’s walkable design.

The Woodstock location plans to offer Bizarre’s new coffee and chai on draft. Sabrina says Bizarre will offer on tap a matcha latte, lavender London Fog, cold brews in various flavors, and possibly more tap drinks to come. It will also sell exclusive sandwiches and wraps, as well as Woodstock-specific shirts and mugs.

Photo Credit: Katie Johnson/KT Johnson Photography; Photo Courtesy of Bizarre Coffee

Photo Credit: KT Johnson Photography

“The most surprising thing is how excited everyone is,” says Sabrina. “When we were under construction, people would ask me almost every day about the new building. We’ve had a huge interest in staff positions. Now that we’re in Woodstock, Canton and the county really want us to flourish and have supported our growth since day one.”

Find the new location at 440 Chambers Street in downtown Woodstock. Along with many other beverages and treats, Bizarre serves its trademark Good Mood Juice from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekends.



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