CHEROKEE COUNTY, GA (Jan. 19, 2024) – More than a dozen awards were given Tuesday night to E-911 dispatchers who played an integral role in saving the lives of 17 people in 2023.

E-911 Director Shane Bonebrake praised his employees for remaining calm, getting frantic callers focused and leaning on their training, leading to these residents being able to be transported and treated to walk out of the hospital alive and well.

“This is my favorite day of the year,” Bonebrake told the Commissioners during the Jan. 16 meeting. “This is the time I get to come to you and share how wonderful our E-911 employees are. The work they do is instrumental in saving lives.”

Cherokee E-911 dispatchers administered CPR instructions over the phone 1,771 times in 2023. Bonebrake said they were able to confirm 17 qualified for CPR Life Saving Awards, however, there could be more.

E-911 Quality Assurance Manager Tammy Dodd reviews every 9-1-1 call that comes into the center. For the calls that required CPR to be administered prior to law enforcement and fire personnel responding, she coordinates with Cherokee Fire & Emergency Services EMS Chief Nate Sullivan who, in turn, works with the hospital the patient was transported to.

To be eligible for the CPR Life Saving Award, the patient must have been not breathing and have no pulse when the call was made and be released from the hospital.

2023 recipients of the CPR Life Saving Award

  • Jen Lasenyik (two saves)
  • Aaron Schwab
  • Tayla Morris (two saves)
  • Ashley Bradburn
  • Elizabeth McArthur
  • Selia Self
  • Todd Allen
  • Jennifer Cooper
  • Sarah Thomas
  • Nicole Wolfe
  • Kaylie Czap
  • Megan Zimmerman
  • Chelsea Maggard (two saves)
  • Ashley Ray


Front row, from left

QA/QI Manager Tammy Dodd, Tayla Morris, Ashley Ray, Linda Miller, Jennifer Lasenyik, Selia Self, Nicole Wolfe

Second row

Director Shane Bonebrake, Training Mgr. Heather Bradberry PSA Director Dana Martin, Elizabeth McArthur, Jennifer Cooper, Ashley Bradburn, Megan Zimmerman

Top row

Chelsea Maggard, Accreditation Mgr. Aaron Schwabb, Kaylie Czap, Todd Allen



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