CHEROKEE COUNTY, GA (December 1, 2023) – The U.S. is home to a wealth of museums including many that are a destination within themselves. Exploring a museum while on a holiday or vacation is not only fun, but it can also provide one with an impressive glimpse of a city, county or a region’s past.

History museums and centers don’t always have to be all about the past. The North Georgia Mountains History Center [NGMHC] will be a combination of the past, present and future. More museums are becoming immersive and interactive, which attracts a wider audience of all ages.

The history center’s board has been searching for an ideal location where the center will be supported by its residents, the local businesses, and its city and county agencies. As we set out on our journey to locate a building to lease, we didn’t have a clue how difficult and complicated the journey would be.

After a year’s search, NGMHC has narrowed it down to two locations. One location is in Pickens County and the other one is in Cherokee County. Regardless of where we land, the history center will be a regional destination that will offer interesting trivia, historical displays for Cherokee, Dawson, Pickens and Gilmer counties and beyond. We will be partnering with all the other historical museums and chambers of commerce in the region and supporting them.

NGMHC may start out small but, hopefully as financial support comes in, we will grow and expand. The history center has several goals it wants to accomplish: preserve history, educate people of all ages, bring tourists to the region to benefit businesses, and provide another entertainment venue.

To successfully launch a history and military center, it will require a community of philanthropic donors. In most cases, that’s how museums and history centers are started.

Based on the cost to lease space and to acquire the interactive and immersive screens, displays and signs, NGMHC will need approximately $60,000 to open the center. There are few startup grants available. Obtaining grants will also be a deciding factor on which location we lease. The support of the local governments is crucial to a museum’s success.

To put it in more realistic terms, there are approximately 96,000-plus people who live in Cherokee, Pickens, Dawson and Gilmer counties. We want a wide segment of the community at large supporting our mission. We’re also hoping businesses and individuals that need the tax benefits a charity offers will donate to our organization.


To donate, please go to the North Georgia Mountains History Center’s website at There is a Donate button at the top of each page. In addition, we are hoping more businesses and corporations become sponsors so we can highlight and support them. NGMHC offers options to donate at various levels for both individuals and businesses.


If you have any questions, please contact Jan Murphy, President of North Georgia Mountains History Center, at 678-310-7887 or email







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