For those looking for an innovative family-friendly outing and curious about embracing a lifestyle with less alcohol use, NotATypical Festival will serve up the perfect blend on Saturday, June 8, on the Woodstock Arts Event Green.

NotATypical Festival is a celebration of diversity and choice offering a wide array of music, activities, vendors, and beverages aimed at reshaping the way we engage with our community. The unique event is the brainchild of Bryttany Hyde, owner of The Little Sober Bar, a mobile bar offering a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and mocktails.

NotATypical Festival | The Little Sober Bar | Artist CTRL Music | Photo Credit: Elisa Antrom/EA Creative Collective for Enjoy Cherokee Magazine

Bryttany Hyde, CEO of The Little Sober Bar (Photo Credit: Elisa Antrom/EA Creative Collective)

“We came up with the idea to have this festival to show that sober curiosity isn’t boring and to hone in on our core values of inclusion,” Bryttany explains. “People deserve options not only in their beverages but in life as well.”

NotATypical Festival features a diverse lineup of music with live bands and DJ-crafted options spanning various genres. Bryttany worked with T.J. King of Artist CTRL Music to bring the festival to life.

NotATypical Festival | Artist CTRL Music | Photo Credit: Elisa Antrom/EA Creative Collective for Enjoy Cherokee Magazine

T.J. King, producer, songwriter, and CEO of Artist CTRL Music (Photo Credit: Elisa Antrom/EA Creative Collective)

Sober Curious

The thirty-three-year-old entrepreneur came up with the idea ofThe Little Sober Bar in 2022. In 2023 Bryttany held her first event in the 1965 Shasta Compact camper she converted into a mobile bar. It can now be found at a number of events around the metro area.

“I had been trying to cut down on my alcohol intake because I just wasn’t able to thrive. As I started this journey, I found out a lot about myself, neurodivergence, mental health issues, and the fact that I was truly passionate about the flavors associated with drinking,” Bryttany explains. “My choice to be sober curious allows me the freedom of choice, and I am able to flow a little bit more on my journey. This bar was made for people like me. Settling is a choice, but we choose to stay curious.”

NotATypical Festival | The Little Sober Bar | Artist CTRL Music | Photo Credit: Elisa Antrom/EA Creative Collective for Enjoy Cherokee Magazine

Jason Walker and Erica Walden of Acworth pick up some tasty bevvies from The Little Sober Bar. (Photo Credit: Elisa Antrom/EA Creative Collective)

The sober-curious movement is not a fleeting trend, according to mental health experts. It has been around a few years and is a shift in the way people and generations interact with and think about alcohol use. The movement refers to individuals becoming more mindful of their alcohol consumption without necessarily committing to complete abstinence. It is more about questioning the role of alcohol and exploring a healthier relationship with drinking.

Bryttany explains, “One of the top phrases I hear a lot at The Little Sober Bar is ‘Thank you.’ It is really helping others, saving lives. I am hearing a lot more stories of sobriety. I am surprised about how many people are sober curious in this area. They always walk up and say, ‘I am curious,’ ‘What is a sober bar,’ or ‘Sober and bar don’t go together.’”

A recent Gallup Poll found 62 percent of U.S. adults under age thirty-five said they drink, which is a 10 percent drop from two decades ago. One third of adults who avoid alcohol do so for health reasons, according to a 2022 Food Institute report, and 70 percent of young adults say they just aren’t interested in alcohol.

“Millennials like me are being more mindful now that we are adults and parents,” Bryttany shares. “Those younger than us are shying away from it more and more.”

Festival of Choices

NotATypical Festival will feature twenty-eight vendors in addition to The Little Sober Bar. A mixture of food trucks, dessert options, artists, chiropractors, and other health professionals will be among the vendors.

A water pong tournament will raise funds for the Georgia Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Health [NAMI]. NAMI Georgia works to ensure that an often-overlooked segment of the population receives access to mental health services. Teams of two can register online for $25.

NotATypical Festival will feature a Donation Station, where attendees can support nonprofits such as Limitless Disability Services, Circle of Friends, and the Trevor Project. Festivalgoers can also donate needed clothing for The Children’s Haven.

The Activity Village will offer a range of engaging options where attendees can enjoy the festivities while being on the move. For those preferring a quieter experience there will be card games and other introverted activities as well as the Sensory Escape for those who need to relax if they feel overstimulated.

In addition to the vendors and activities, NotATypical Festival will welcome musical headliner Paul Childers from Nashville, Tennessee, promising an electrifying performance blending pop, R&B, and soul that will captivate audiences.

“NotATypical Festival is not just another music event. We are bringing music, options, and activities together for a block party unlike anything suburbia has ever seen,” Bryttany says.

NotATypical Festival takes place Saturday, June 8, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Woodstock Arts Event Green at 111 Elm Street, Woodstock. For more information visit

“From toddlers to adults, NotATypical Festival is a festival for everyone and a place to discover creatives, artists, businesses, and so much more that are all in your local area.”

— T.J. King, Artist CTRL Music


NotATypical Festival | The Little Sober Bar | Artist CTRL Music | Photo Credit: Elisa Antrom/EA Creative Collective for Enjoy Cherokee Magazine

The June 8 festival is kid-friendly and dog-friendly. (Photo Credit: Elisa Antrom/EA Creative Collective)


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