NWGRC Grandmother with Granddaughter

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Kinship Care

Over the last decade, it’s become commonplace to have grandparents involved in raising grandchildren. Whether it be as a babysitter while mom and dad go off to work or as housemates, due to the upward trend of multigenerational households, grandparents have become an intriguing part of young families. No matter the reason, the Georgia Department of Human Services offers kinship assistance for this type of care.

Kinship support groups provide education and peer support for grandparents and relative caregivers raising children by focusing on positive parenting, effective discipline, and healthy relationships. Other kinship care services include the provision of material aid such as school supplies, respite through summer camps, and case management for grand-families of children with disabilities.

More than $273,000 was provided to Georgia AAAs for Kinship Care Services using federal and state funds. Four thousand five hundred people attended more than 500 AAA-sponsored kinship support groups, and 42 ongoing Kinship Care support groups are meeting in various locations.

Mercy Care of Rome is one of these locations. NWGRC-AAA is actively assisting several families with material aid such as groceries, utility payments, clothing, school supplies, and more.

Follow this link (https://dhs.georgia.gov/kinship-care-portal/community-based-support-kinship-caregivers) to learn more about Kinship Care and how this program can benefit our local families.