Podcasts in Cherokee

By Katie Wheeler, Canton Resident

Enjoy Cherokee Voices

Enjoy Cherokee Voices started about a decade ago, when Jodi Drinkard and two of her college roommates met for a weeklong vacation in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Without skipping a beat, the three launched into their familiar routines of making each other laugh and engaging in crazy shenanigans. The idea for a hyper-local podcast was born.

Jodi and her friends, Pamela Woyte and Cindy Meyer, were en route from the airport to the condo when a talk show on SiriusXM was broadcasting a call-in episode about relationships. The banter was lively, but Jodi and Pam knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the radio gang was missing a spark in its broadcast. The gals thought about the antics they could get into with a radio show of their own, knowing they could do it bigger and better. A seed was planted. The following day the trio of friends set out to spend the day on a boat. Wearing curly wigs, because it’s a conversation starter, of course, the gals approached the marina dock to check in for their eight-hour rental. “Are you sisters?” asked the attendant as he stared at the matching hairdos while trying to hold back a laugh.

Host Jodi Drinkard’s dream of a podcast all started on a girls trip almost a decade ago. Complete with crazy curly wigs, the trio laughed their way through the plans of a hyper-local podcast.

“No,” Jodi replied in all seriousness. “The three of us have a radio show on SiriusXM. We interview famous people and take phone calls from listeners like you. We just came from the beauty salon. Do you think the sun will damage our new highlights?”Everyone cracked up laughing, and the threesome floated off for a day on the water.Jodi explains, “We giggled and dreamed about having a real radio show for most of that day—what the content would be, the guests, the format, and the commercials.” For ten years she massaged those creative ideas. “I knew I wanted to make the show hyper-local, where everyone would be somewhat familiar with the guests and had a desire to learn more about what makes them tick.” Since 2001 the air waves have changed dramatically, and the format for Jodi’s dream show fit perfectly into the world of podcasting. Enjoy Cherokee Voices is the product of Jodi’s quest for a hyper-local broadcast that delivers in-depth conversations with dynamic people from all corners of Cherokee County. The podcast went live in May 2021 and has featured guests that include Mayor Donnie Henriques of Woodstock; Kayla Turner, a foster parent through Goshen Homes; Kevin Williams, Chick-fil-A franchise owner and author of Irrational Kindness; and Jose Luna of CaliFino Tequila, to name a few. [wonderplugin_carousel id=”2″]“Enjoy Cherokee Voices is a great show,” says Vivian Baldwin of Woodstock. “The episodes with Donnie Henriques are particularly interesting to me. It wasn’t political at all. It was about Donnie’s life, his upbringing, his time in the Vietnam War, and the history of how downtown Woodstock made a dramatic comeback.” Jodi tips her hat to Katie Wheeler, the cohost of Enjoy Cherokee Voices, who participates in various segments of the show, including “Fun Facts with Katie.” At the tail end of most episodes, you’ll find a bit of fun-filled banter between Jodi and Katie about the show contents coupled with some clarification of facts and information discussed with the guest. “Katie and I have a chemistry that brings a bit of fun, humor, and guts to the content of the show,” Jodi adds. “Together we tie it up nicely.”

Go Canton

Jeff began the Go Canton podcast with the intent to elevate the individual elements that make Canton unique and interesting. He saw the way Canton was reimagining itself and wanted to learn more through conversations with city leaders. By following his own interests, Jeff dives into conversations about new programs, events, and businesses in the city. The Go Canton purpose is to give a platform to the people involved in Canton’s ongoing projects.

All of the local podcasts in Cherokee are very personal in nature. Guests sit down with the hosts, who are likely friends already or will be soon, and share authentic conversations in a casual way.

Growing from the first episodes, Jeff’s podcast has had up to three hundred downloads for his locally based show. Go Canton operates largely by word of mouth through Cherokee County residents eager to know more about goings on in Canton. Jeff has high hopes for the Go Canton podcast in the future and wants to bring more attention to the City of Canton through his conversations.

City of Woodstock Podcast

The City of Woodstock podcast shares brief episodes highlighting local events, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and exceptional people within the City of Woodstock.

The City of Woodstock podcast is a unique way to tell the story of how the city serves its residents. City employees interview community members, program leaders, and local businesses owners, giving Woodstock a voice from the perspective of those who work in the city. The podcast goal is to share stories that people may otherwise miss. The first episode shared the program Meals to Woodstock, an initiative many residents might have missed, and the program has had increased involvement since the episode aired.

[wonderplugin_carousel id=”2″]Stacy Brown, the City of Woodstock marketing and communications manager, says, “I have often joked that we have these conversations around town about new initiatives and improvements to the city, and now residents can listen in.” With a handful of episodes uploaded already, the podcast continues to grow with new ideas and interviewees. Going forward, Stacy wants to keep sharing stories about Woodstock. You can look forward to hearing about Woodstock parks and historical deep dives.

Irrational Kindness Podcast

The Irrational Kindness podcast hosted by Kevin Williams, franchisee of three Canton Chick-fil-A restaurants and author of Irrational Kindness, and Princess Moon shares a passion for people and inspirational conversations. On this show Kevin and Princess lift up the celebrity in every human, showing how through a spirit of curiosity we can make space to understand others and not just be understood.

Kevin Williams wants the podcast to help others shift their perspectives and have a heart for conversation. He genuinely enjoys getting to know members of our community and hearing their stories, which he plans to continue to do with the Irrational Kindness podcast.

Enjoy Cherokee Voices is the newest podcast on the scene to Cherokee. With nine episodes already, you can listen to the amazing stories of your neighbors.

Special guests include Bob Goff, New York Times best-selling author; William Pressley, esteemed World War II veteran; Bill Grant, mayor of Canton; and Anita Corsini, star of HGTV series Flip or Flop Atlanta.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a stay-at-home mom, a student, or a retiree, the Irrational Kindness podcast shares a message for you, showing us how to be irrational and prioritize kindness toward ourselves and others over everything else.

The Mockingbird Podcast

A weekly podcast hosted by Greg Shaddix, The Mockingbird Podcast shares interesting conversations about anything and everything with up-and-coming musicians. Greg enjoys authentic conversations with fellow musicians and singer-songwriters.

The Mockingbird Podcast is released every Friday featuring a long-form conversation with a local, regional, and sometimes national touring artist. Greg says, “There is no script, and I do not do research. My goal is for these conversations to be as authentic and raw as possible. Sometimes we stay on topic, sometimes we get off topic, but I enjoy the way the conversations flow.”

Occasionally, special episodes are released under the title The Mockingbird Radio Hour, where Greg features three original singer/songwriters by playing their songs and discussing them. Greg insists there is no formal critique to the radio show; he simply shares the things he enjoyed and how the songs made him feel. This show focuses largely on songwriters and North Georgia acts.

The goal of The Mockingbird Podcast is to highlight talented songwriters around town, give them a voice, and allow them to share their stories. Greg plans to continue highlighting local talent while growing his podcast.