Riverstone Corner Bistro sign

Located at 151 Reinhardt College Parkway in Canton, Riverstone Corner Bistro opened its new location in January after relocating from a smaller venue that they called home for over eight years. The new location allows for more space for guests, expanded parking, and more outside seating.

Trees drape the atmosphere, blanketing the sizzling sun that slides beneath the peaks; fat, rolling clouds sweep the tops of the greenery. Just off Reinhardt College Parkway in Canton, Riverstone Corner Bistro’s rooftop embraces the splendors of the horizon, providing an awe-stricken view that pairs well with the beauty of the restaurant. Owners Shelly and Mike Ferrar blend traditional values with modernized ones that help mold the attractive environment.

While candlelit tables provide an inviting ambiance for date night, the restaurant is also quite family-friendly and offers an appetizing kids menu. Food is always served on trays to show the traditional aspects of RCB, yet modern art décor mingles within the restaurant as well. With an elevated farmhouse feel, paintings of cows hang neatly amongst the walls and clever quotes are framed in every restroom. The couches, booths, and benches create a cozy environment that feels at home and welcoming. Veronica Dreymiller of Waleska says of RCB, “It’s a fun place! I’ve taken several clients to RCB for business lunches and my in-laws for a relaxing dinner. I’ve never had a bad bite.”

Room for Everyone

RCB is known for their loving staff and companionship with customers. When speaking to your server, it feels as though you’re merely chatting with an old friend. Although the establishment is family-owned, the team is so interconnected that it feels like even new team members quickly feel like part of the family.

An evening crowd enjoys the indoor bar seating. The restaurant features a full-service bar with a broad selection of wines and bourbons plus refreshing cocktails (and even mock-tails!)

Guests are always invited to pull up a chair at the bars and enjoy the extensive drinks menu consisting of an impressive wine list, beer selection, and crafted cocktails—including the Blood Orange Margarita, made with locally-distributed CaliFino Blanco Tequila. On the patio to the right of the waiting room, you can choose to sit at a table or the open bar seats. When sitting at the bar, the interconnected bar and patio allow you to face guests sitting within the bar inside. Bartenders flutter between both sides, providing full service and welcoming hospitality. On the rooftop, a table or the bar awaits you, accompanied by live music every weekend. Dylan, a beloved manager at RCB, describes the restaurant as having “room for everyone.”

On the Menu

The flavorful menu offers traditional favorites made in house with contemporary twists and carefully curated ingredients. The steaks are locally sourced from Revere Meat Company in nearby Forest Park while the burgers are an exclusive blend from Meats by Linz of Chicago; both are cooked to mouthwatering perfection.

Menu says: Southern Fried Chicken

Hayden says: There’s no doubt this is the best-selling item on the menu. The homemade, white pepper gravy gives a creamy texture that coincides perfectly with the mashed potatoes and breaded chicken. The peppery flavor is present but not overwhelming, providing the perfect balance. The dish remains crispy until the last bite.

Menu says: Fried Green Tomatoes

Hayden says: This classically Southern dish is made with fresh green tomatoes which are sliced by hand, breaded, and fried all in house. Goat cheese, bacon, and fresh arugula enhance the flavor. The peach chutney, made with fresh Georgia peaches all the way from Peach County, gives a taste of Christmas with the clove and cinnamon aspects. A bite of tomatoes topped with the peach chutney almost tastes like a bite of a warm, buttery pie.

Menu says: Sweet Potato Mash

Hayden says: If you like sweet potatoes, this brings it to the next level. The sherry butter creates not only a beautiful pink color for the dish, but also a sweet flavor that enhances the creamy texture of the mash. It’s definitely not your mother’s Thanksgiving. The sweet potato mash itself has warm spices that make it delicious and not overbearing.

Menu Says: Shrimp & Grits

Hayden says: The locally sourced grits derived from Logan Turnpike Mill provide such a creamy texture that you would think it has cheese in it. The lemon garlic cream substitutes for the lack of cheese and pairs perfectly with the bacon, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, and scallions. The influx of different flavors creates a beautifully crafted dish and the caramelized onions give a nice crunch.

Menu Says: Mediterranean Pork Chop

Hayden Says: Charred flavors enhance this bone-in pork chop tremendously. The grilled asparagus and skillet potatoes help create the savory meal. The dish itself is smothered in red onion, mixed olives, and roasted red pepper which not only displays a beautiful plate, but rich tastes as well.

Menu Says: Brownie Sundae

Hayden Says: It’s not often you find a restaurant that doesn’t offer an official dessert menu. Never fear—ask the friendly waitstaff for daily dessert choices. This brownie cannot be missed when offered. The fluffy, cakey texture works extremely well with the rich chocolate. Vanilla ice cream and whipped cream complement the brownie spectacularly.

Menu Says: The Lemonade Stand

Hayden Says: The freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade is deliciously tart and blends well with your choice of Crop Meyer Lemon Vodka or Farmer’s Organic Gin. The refreshing beverage can be served with strawberries or raspberries that enhance the flavors tremendously. This is the perfect, cool drink for a hot summer day.