Co-owned by Cheryl Lott and Talia Mrozinski, Sweety’s Café and Ice Cream opened in December 2022 at The Mill on Etowah. Sweety’s delights Cherokee County residents with tea party experiences, Southern cuisine, and frozen treats.

Brewing Memories

Cheryl and Talia’s Tea for Two events provide families with ways to create new family traditions. Cheryl says the inspiration behind the tea parties was to give “the feel of a tea party, but not the feel of having to be so prim and proper.” She loves the laid-back vibes of The Mill on Etowah and wanted the tea parties to reflect the relaxed atmosphere.

About his café experience, Cherokee Connect founder Josh Bagby says, “My daughter, Sulli Grace, had such a great time. Cheryl was great with her customer service, making Sulli feel welcome and comfortable. Apart from baby-doll tea parties, this was my first real tea party with Sulli and it was very special. You can’t put a price on memories.” The platform of the Cherokee Connect initiative founded by Josh is to support small businesses like Sweety’s Café and Ice Cream. Josh adds, “With small businesses, you know that your money will help with a sports team or sponsor for something in the local community.”

Sweety’s Café and Ice Cream Tea Party at The Mill on Etowah in Canton attended by Josh Bagby and daughter Sulli Grace.

Josh Bagby enjoyed a special daddy-daughter tea party with his daughter, Sulli Grace.

Tea party guests delight at the spread of teas and desserts at the event. The Sweety’s team collaborated with Paula’s Zzerts to have organic, locally-made desserts featured at the tea parties. “We only use organic ingredients for our products while still creating delicious treats for families to enjoy,” Paula Elias, owner of Paula’s Zzerts, says. “I have fun in the kitchen! We make all our recipes with care, unbleached King Arthur flour, organic butter, and heaping mounds of love.” Paula says of Cheryl: “She’s such a wonderful person. I love watching her business succeed and supporting small businesses whenever I can.”

The café offers gluten-free and dairy-free menu options as well through a partnership with The Local Graze, a gluten-free charcuterie and sweets shop in Canton’s Laurel Canyon shopping center.

Sweety’s tea parties are great options for celebrating bridal showers, birthdays, date nights, special events, and graduation parties. “We’re excited to continue to host more tea party events in the future,” Cheryl says.

Local resident Marie Wilcox enjoyed the Sweety’s Tea for Two Valentine’s Day events with her daughter. “So much consideration and care were poured into our tea party,” Marie says. “It was our first experience at Sweety’s, and we will be back. It’s perfect for making special memories with your children, no matter the occasion.”

Partnering with The Mill on Etowah, Sweety’s will host a free Tea Party on Wednesday, June 26, as part of the Minis at The Mill event series.

Southern Classics With a Sweet Twist

At Sweety’s, guests of all ages enjoy smiles and homemade ice cream. Any flavor of ice cream can be made into a cake, perfect for birthday parties. Sweety’s bourbon brownie ice cream adds a fun twist to an adult classic.

At the spring Kid Biz Expo in March, children enjoyed a Frozen-themed treat: completely blue vanilla ice cream with snowflake sprinkles. Of course, Elsa and Anna made a special appearance at a meet-and-greet that weekend, making magical memories at The Mill on Etowah. With ice cream on their faces, children took photos and spent time with these storybook princesses.

If you enjoy chicken salad, try one of Sweety’s signature sandwiches made from original recipes with fresh ingredients and quality meats. There are a variety of chicken salad sandwiches, each serving a unique twist on the classic that Southerners know and love.

Inspired by Moms

“Our tagline is ‘A Little Joy in Every Scoop,’ and Joy is Talia’s mom’s name,” shares Cheryl. She then reveals the eponymous café also honors her mother-in-law, Juanita “Sweety” Lott.

“She’s the reason why I started what I’m doing. Sweety is just the perfect little package. I would love to be like Sweety when I grow up,” Cheryl says with a light laugh. “For the past thirty years, she has taught me to love people through food.” Cheryl recalls Sweety has always loved tea parties, and says, “That’s where my love for tea parties has come in. I’ve always wanted to pull that in as part of my restaurant business.”

Talia first founded Sweet Joy Ice Cream Bar at The Mill on Etowah after learning to make ice cream from her grandmother. Meanwhile, Cheryl was a regular fixture at the Canton Farmers Market with her homemade goods as Sweety’s Café. It was a chance meeting at an ice cream social for The Theodora Dance Conservatory in Canton that brought Talia and Cheryl together.

After discovering that their visions and goals aligned, the two joined forces, combining the individual ventures into one: Sweety’s Café and Ice Cream Bar.

Cheryl shares her hopes for the future of the café: “Hopefully in the future, it’ll continue to grow and be a family-run business. Both my younger children work for me, and so they’re going to go through high school working at Sweety’s. Who knows? Maybe one of them will come back and run it.”

A Delight for the Entire Family

Cheryl and Talia continue to charm with great customer service and Southern hospitality. The café is currently open Tuesdays, 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Fridays, 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.; Saturdays, 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.; and Sundays, noon to 6:00 p.m. Extended summer hours are planned beginning Tuesday, May 28. Reservations are requested for tea parties.


Sweety’s Café and Ice Cream at The Mill on Etowah in Canton | Source: Sweety’s Café and Ice Cream Facebook

Sweety’s Café and Ice Cream is located inside the Shoppes at The Mill on Etowah (225 Reformation Parkway) in Canton.

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