Shopping for the man in your life can be difficult. Socks, ties, same old gifts? Luckily Jess Winters has created a distinctive shopping experience in downtown Woodstock: The Manual, a men’s forward shop that has the perfect gift for Father’s Day or any other day.

Most boutiques are geared toward women, so when Jess opened The Manual in the summer of 2023, she took a different approach. Jess wanted the inventory to focus on menswear with curated casual looks. With a growing customer base, the store now carries women’s graphic tees, but plans to maintain its overall menswear focus.

When we think of menswear, suits, ties, and a dressy look come to mind. With the rising trend of working at home and communities like Woodstock creating work/play downtown environments, men’s fashion is transitioning to a more casual vibe.

Jess uses her artistic sensibilities to bring in clothes and accessories that are fun and unique. She does not carry a wide range of brands; she instead looks for the ones she likes and that offer high quality. She explains,“If I like it, I bring it in. I like turning the store [merchandise] over fast, so it is fresh all the time. If you see something you like, get it!”

Men’s fashion differs from women’s in that it doesn’t follow trends as much and is not as seasonal. Jess focuses on colors and patterns more than trends. The goal is to have something guys can wear to work during the day and then wear downtown for dinner or drinks.

The Manual is located at 9058 Main Street, Unit D-112, in downtown Woodstock.

Creativity Expanded

The Main Street suite was originally set up as an office, so Jess had to get creative with away for the store to function from a design standpoint. Shoppers will find a bi-level shopping area with charming decorations made from found art. One piece in particular should be of interest to long-time Cherokee County residents: one table is made from the original Po’ Boys restaurant sign.

The store name is also unique. “The Manual is designed to be a guide to finding your personal style. Your clothing should reflect who you are. We love helping you find unique pieces so you can show up as your most authentic self,” says Jess.

The Manual has attention-grabbing offerings as well as tried-and-true selections such as high-quality T-shirts and hats.The store is Western- and moto-inspired; however, you will see a mixture of styles, including nontraditional golf shirts. A Las Vegas-themed golf shirt for that guy’s trip? The Manual has it!

Along with casual clothing options, The Manual carries unique accessories, many created by local artisans. You’ll find items like cigars, leather goods, barware, and solid cologne—a big seller, and as a bonus, it is TSA-approved for carry-on. Jess is supportive of local business owners, so items from featured local vendors can be found in store as well.

The Manual | Downtown Woodstock | Jess Winters | Photo Credit: Raymond Werner for Enjoy Cherokee Magazine

Through a partnership with Limitless Disability Services, Matthew visits weekly to help out around the shop, accompanied by Toni Chancey.

Rugged and Refined Leather

Lloyd Leather Company has handcrafted items sure to up your gift-giving game for Dad this year. Graphic designer Zac Nixon began working with leather as a hobby and was “bitten by the leather bug,” he says. Inspired by his grandfather Lloyd, an engineer in World War II and the company’s namesake, Zac loved drawing and figuring out how things worked. His hobby turned into a side business using mainly vegetable-tanned, high-quality leather. The Lloyd Leather motto is “Rugged, refined, and handcrafted in the USA.”

The Manual | Downtown Woodstock | Jess Winters | Photo Credit: Raymond Werner for Enjoy Cherokee Magazine

The selection of Lloyd Leather Company’s custom handcrafted leather goods at The Manual includes wallets, keychains, and more.

You will find an array of items depending on availability, but some ideas for the dad, granddad, or special guy in your life are customizable hand-stitched wallets, keychains, golf-ball caddies, and Dopp kits—travel bags for toiletries.

Zac sometimes incorporates local tattoo artists’ work in his creations and is always on the lookout for new design ideas.

Fired Up and Fun

If you are looking for something for the home, The Manual carries products from Woodstock Candle Company created by Amanda Densmore, busy mom of four.

Scent was always important to Amanda. She explains, “Fragrance can transport us back to a time of happiness—often our youth and happy memories triggered by the particular scent.” Woodstock Candle Company brings the fun to candles and scents, and each candle comes with a clever label. Amanda sees more men shopping for themselves and creates scents such as Birch Please, Afternoon Delight, and DadBod, all geared toward men.

Go (South), Young Man

On Main Street just south of Dupree Road, visit The Manual, a local gem for fun and functional clothes and accessories. You might even get a sample of bourbon to aid in your enjoyable shopping experience.

For more information on The Manual or to shop online, visit or like and follow The Manual on Facebook and Instagram (@shopthemanual).



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